Female Fight Fans Podcast Episode 16: Back + Better Than Ever

WE’RE BACK! Host + Female Fight Fans Founder Erin McKelle discusses her hiatus from the website and the personal mental health struggles she has been facing. On this episode, she breaks down her goals for the site in 2019, as well as the vision and passion that are driving her to fuel this passion project into a larger platform created to empower others through martial arts.

Female Fight Fans Podcast Episode 10: Steph Kent

On episode 9, we are joined by writer, producer, entrepreneur, and amateur boxer Stephanie Kent. Steph is the co-founder of the new literary website Call Me Ishmael, where she curates anonymous stories about books and solders vintage pay phones into literary installations. She has also served as a project manager and curator for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, as well as a contributor to publications like Bad Left Hook and the Arts Journal. She is also an amateur boxer who has fought in shows across the NYC area, who found a passion for the sport through a happy accident. 

Learn about her inspirational journey into the sport of boxing, as well as how she balances a thriving career with intense workouts 6 days/week, her knowledge of MMA, the current state of women's boxing, our favorite combat sports books, and much more.