What is Female Fight Fans?

Female Fight Fans is a platform built for women to discover the fighter within.

Consider this your one stop shop for empowerment: learning how to deal with discomfort, grow physically and mentally stronger, as well as get inspired through stories of other women who have dealt with adversity and come back stronger because of it.

Do you only cover female fights/fighters?

Nope! While we place a heavy emphasis and focus on female fighters and women’s bouts, we do cover men’s fighting as well. We’re focused on catering to a female audience and last time we checked, women are fans of men in combat sports, too!

How can I support the cause?

We are an independently run site, so any type of contribution (be it media coverage, financial, or a follow on our Facebook page) is very appreciated. To donate, click here.

Do you take submissions?

Yes! We are always looking to publish the relevant work of new writers. If you’re interested in submitting, go here to see our guidelines and send us your idea.

How can I get in touch about business or press inquiries?

You can send in all requests here.