Just Stop Counting Calories (30+ Fearless Part 11)

Just Stop Counting Calories (30+ Fearless Part 11)

Another exhausting week for me. Either allergies or a cold has taken a hold of me. leaving me barely able to lift my eyelids. Saturday brought an hour or so drive up to some mountains that the fiance was itching for me to see.

Clouds were promising rain. The slight breeze was refreshing. Strapped on our backpacks and off we went. Weaving through brush and splashing into streams. We were halfway up when something was off. The alarm system of our dog, had her signal going off. The trees had no chirps, the forest had no sounds. Long story short, we live in cougar country so we couldn't
get to the vehicle fast enough.

Sunday had a mellow vibe. A growers market was open. That's where we set our sights. As we pulled up, the parking lot was full of cars and people walking in and out. Those coming out had the goodies they came upon at the stands.

We made our way through the crowd, slowly moving up to each stand, getting a full view of what they were selling. We left empty-handed, but having my nose filled with roasting green chili was enough. I looked back as we were walking away and  BOOM...that's where my idea for this installment came about. 

We've touched on nutrition before. It's crucial to fuel your body with the proper food. Imagine your nutrition is the oil for your bike chain, which is your body. It works properly when you use it. Calories (that's right I said that dirty word) are important. I know so many women count calories. Making sure they keep it 2,000 or under.


Just stop that.

Throw away your calorie journal, app, whatever else you are using to track this. That is something not to focus on at the moment. If you are training hard and staying active, taking away those calories is setting your body and yourself up for failure.

Now that I've said that, I will state that there are certain fitness goals (fitness bikini competitions, etc.) that will force you to cut calories, but keep you working hard. I'm not turning an eye to that. But this isn't about them.

I know that people have come across counting macro nutrients as well. Those are important for some goals, but let's forget about along with the calories. At some point, you can figure out how much of protein, carbs, and fats you need to consume daily.

Since the purpose of this whole journey is to start getting into shape again, putting too much on one's plate will leave you stressed and overwhelmed. Such a combination can lead to you giving up. Walking away before you pull your hair out. I value my hair, so I'm sticking to making sure I get enough food during the day, so there's enough energy to make it
through my workouts. 

With all of that said, I don't think it's wrong to keep track of macros. That is just fine. The point here is to not stress over it. Make sure you get the healthy nutrients because with the unhealthy ones your body isn't going to perform the best it can. I do encourage cheat meals once a week. Keeps you from consuming too many fries. No, is that just me? I love any form of carbs. 

So there it is. Keep doing what you can. That's all we can ever do. Once you've mastered one step, don't be afraid to tackle the next. If that next step doesn't interest you, screw it. Jump squat up to the one above that. This is your life.

Just stay happy and healthy. Those are the two most important goals.


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