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We’re focused on empowering womenin the martial arts world, which is too often male dominated and controlled. Our goal is not to just to build a network, but a movement, where women feel welcome, inspired, and at home in combat sports.


News and Interviews

Content on and about women in MMA and other combat sports, that takes an unconventional angle. We’re looking at this realm from a female point of view and going beyond the stereotypical idea of what it means to be a fighter. Rather than focus on the minuta of the industry, we’re looking at things from territories that are uncharted (re: intelligent, dynamic, multi-faceted, psychological).

We’ll be posting as much as our small (but growing!) team can handle, so expect to see new content from us 3-4 times per week. Articles will range from news coverage, to essays and op-eds on topical issues, live event reporting, fighter interviews, analysis, and the personal journey of our founder + amature boxer Erin McKelle.


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We’re always looking for new talent to bring to our site.

If you’re passionate about MMA/Martial Arts/Combat Sports, believe in the importance of women’s empowerment, and have a solid skill (writing, photography, management) and would like to become a contributor, apply here.