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Female Fight Fans is a platform built for women to discover the fighter within.

We are all fighters and Female Fight Fans exists to empower you to push yourself, love yourself, and grow yourself through health, fitness, wellbeing, and combat sports.


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It all started when our founder + CEO Erin McKelle found MMA in a much different way than most- after picking up former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s memoir at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble at age 20. She turned from a sports-hating, boxing-bashing skeptic to an accidental fight fan, all within the course of a year.

More than that, she found true empowerment through her love of martial arts. Through training, learning, and studying, she was able to lose the 40 pounds she’d gained as a result of an eating disorder, learn to love her body, and feel physically, mentally, and spiritually whole. Martial arts helped her to overcome mental illness, learn about herself, and push past her internal limitations. The stronger she got, the more she leaned in.

What she discovered was a passion, but more importantly, what she found was a gap.

As Erin started watching jiu-jitsu trainings, attending boxing classes, sparing, and breaking down MMA fights, she realized how high-level all of the content was. You were either a hardcore or a casual, according to the media. There was no content out there for those who were curious, but shy, interested, but clueless.

Those who needed combat sports content the most weren’t going to get it, because it was riddled in stereotypes and tropes of barbarism.

This is why Erin decided to take matters into her own hands and start Female Fight Fans- to bring women into the world of martial arts, without the intimidation, violence, or gore. To make combat sports approachable, fun, and even feminine.

Everyone can benefit from martial arts, but not everyone can until the points of access are opened up and the barriers broken down.

That’s why were here; to give you the tools to learn how to fight for yourself, push past doubt and fear, in order to lead your best, most authentic life possible.

This is a no judgement zone and everyone is welcome.

I fight, you fight. We all fight. We are all fighters.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.


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